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Partagez votre Année de la foi!

Résultats du tirage:

Jessica Roy
Gagnante des 2 billets pour Marie-Élaine Thibert à l'Oratoire St-Joseph

Kevin Cacho
Livre Youcat, dédicacé par Mgr Christian Lépine

Annie Pelletier 
Livre Youcat prières, dédicacé par Mgr Christian Lépine

Nous contacterons les personnes concernées dès que possible! Voici maintenant quelques images/textes en lien avec l'Année de la foi!

Images / Photos

Annie Pelletier
Église Ascension of Our Lord (Westmount)
Bannière de l'Année de la foi

tl_files/actualite/manchettes/2013-11/premiere communion .jpgÉrick Thériault
Diocèse de St-Jérôme
Première communion

Jessica Roy
Paroisse Saint Esprit
Dimanche des Rameaux

Marcia Doceo
Paroisse St. Kevin
Bannière Année de la foi

Jean-Claude Huriaux pour l'abbé Jacques Lamoureux


Marcel Tremblay
Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde
Bannière Année de la foi


Témoignages / Textes    

Good Morning,

My name is Kevin Cacho and I'm 16 years old. It's my third year as a volunteer catechist here, at Saint Kevin's Parish since I had received the blessed sacrament of confirmation. Right after receiving confirmation, I knew I had more things to learn about our religion, about our catholic faith, about God. My two years in the Faith First religious education program was insufficient. Furthermore, schools have removed their religious education program and kids are not able to discuss about their beliefs without being mocked by their atheist peers. In short, that's the reason why I wanted to teach the Word of the Lord to our children. I'm doing it not only to spread the Good News, but for myself, to grow and strengthen my own faith. Finally, I'd like to mention that no matter what type of adversities we face as a community, whether we're talking about the removal of religious education or face mockery, intolerance and criticism, we should all stand up together and defend what we live for...God.

God Bless!  

Kevin Cacho


My name is Lina Labriaga Castillo - married with 3 children.

I am one of the Catechists in this church and a member of the Couples for Christ Montreal Chapter.

The Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI, began on October 11, 2012. This sacred time provided us Catholics the opportunity to celebrate, deepen and share the spiritual richness of our Catholic faith. Now, at its closing, here in our parish, I feel privileged to be invited to share my faith to the community.

I would like to share to you what FAITH means to me. Faith to me means my fundamental response to God's love that was offered up for me. It thus becomes clear that faith is ordered primarily to the inconceivable of God's love, which surpasses us and anticipates us. Love alone is credible; nothing else can be believed, and nothing else ought to be believed. This is the achievement, the 'work' of faith: to recognize this absolute values, which nothing else can surpass; to believe that there is such a thing as love, absolute love, and that there is nothing higher or greater than LOVE.

I grew up in a family of practicing Catholic, attending Masses on Sundays and other holy days of obligations. My family expresses our faith by serving in our church, either as lector or joining in the choir, and myself as a catechist, and as a couple, becoming a member of the Couples for Christ.  I also have an older sister who, for 20 years now, belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters oblates of the Holy Spirit. I credit our faith growth to my mother whose strong faith and fervent prayers influenced ours. Faith in God helped us to grow in love, respect, and sharing relationship with each other.

I should say that, prayer opened my heart and learn about the Catholic Faith. I mean that sincerely. Prayer is the single most consistent representation of my true faith in Jesus.

This Faith made me become one of the catechists at St. Kevin's Church. I want to share my faith in every child I teach. At this time of Information Technology Era - the kids' minds turned 360 degrees to the computer world making modern technology as their means of communication and companionship. They are not truly focused and minding how important their Faith is in their life's journey. I want to implant or transformed their mind and heart that God is the center of our life, that God is the truly the creator of all things visible and invisible. Through my services I am trying to do as one of God's disciple should do.

No matter how busy I am - because of my Faith and thru the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I got the courage and understanding to be able to teach the children in their faith education. I am able to share and contribute in my own little way, the vision of the Catholic Church - continuing Christ's ministry. Through my little available time, I feel so contented and happy to see that they are learning something out of my little time. I am also happy to see that some of the children I taught are now part of the parish's faith education program as catechists.

And as a member of Couples for Christ - I intend to continue to evangelize more husbands and wives to join the community of CFC to build closer relationship with God and making Jesus Christ as the center of  family relationship.

I conclude my sharing with this inspiring words from Blessed Pope John Paul II, as follows: "Faith leads us beyond ourselves. It leads us directly to God".

Thank you and May God be Praise! God bless!

Lina Labriaga Castillo 


My name is Roberto Monzon.  I have been a parishioner of St. Kevin's Parish since 1986.  I am sharing to you my faith experiences of God. 

As a Catholic, I am always attending Mass every Sunday.  But when I came to Canada, things had changed.  Because of financial needs, I have to work seven days a week in order to have extra money up to the point that I do not have anymore time to go to Church.  Yes, I got more money, but I can no longer fulfill my obligation as a Catholic, attending Mass on Sundays.  At that time, I thought that because I am getting more money, everything is okay. 

But something happened that changed my life.  I have encountered difficult times that everything I got was gone.  My faith in God was re-awakened.  I started going back to church fulfilling my Christian obligations, joining the music ministry by becoming a member of the Magnificat choir.  I now also proclaim God's Words as a lector and most important of all, I now work only five days a week.

I don't have much money now, but I am happy.  I have more blessings - my wife, who is also a member of the Magnificat choir, my older son, Michael as an altar server, and my younger son, who now trains to operate the projector, a task left by my older son Michael. 

Had I completely lost my faith in God, in Jesus, and in the Holy Spirit, I and my family will not be where we are and what we are now - serving the Lord.  My faith in the Triune God allowed me and my family to survive even in the most difficult times of our lives.  People, even friends, may leave us; but God will always be with us.  And only God can help make our burdens light.  Thank you.  

Roberto Monzon  


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