Pastoral report


For the pastor: 

Please find enclosed the annual pastoral report of the Archdiocese of Montreal. The information you provide is essential in order to complete the quinquennial census requested this year by the Vatican Secretary of State.

Thus, it is important that you kindly return this document by mail, duly signed, by March 31th 2016. Each parish have to provide an individual report. It would be useful for you to keep a copy of this document for your Parish Archives.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

2015 Pastoral Report

Chancery Fees

Considering the annual indexation and the price raise of paper, stamps, and so on, the Archbishop of Montreal agrees that the Chancery fees related to marriage papers (rescript) which remained unchanged during the past four years, be increased from $35 to $40 effective January 1st, 2014. This applies to any marriage including those celebrated outside of the diocese.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Rev. François Sarrazin, prêtre