This section presents job openings in the various diocesan departments, religious organizations and institutions, and Christian communities in the Montreal area.



The Catholic Church of Montreal seeks a qualified individual to fill the executive position of Director of Communications, Media Relations Officer.

Job Description:

Under the authority of the Archbishop, in partnership with the Vicars General and in collaboration with the various diocesan entities: plan, organize, coordinate and evaluate all the communication activities of the Archdiocese. Advise diocesan authorities in the management of issues and sensitive communications. Maintain media relations. Lead and coordinate the activities of the diocesan Communications Service.  

In the spirit of missionary evangelization, in accordance with the diocesan pastoral plan, and taking into account the advisory function of the position, the candidate is responsible for the design and implementation of the communications management plan, in consultation with the other offices and services. 

The candidate supervises the staff of Communications Service with a view to the improvement and the development of skills. All undertaken in conformity with the values upheld by the Catholic Church of Montreal. The candidate also performs all other related duties at the request of the Archbishop.  


The successful candidate has a solid background in communications and strong staff- management skills.
Adapts and performs well in a changing environment and is known for his/her loyalty, steadfastness and patience. Works well in a team and is always ready to face challenges. Candidates must be bilingual.  

Interested candidates should send their résumé to:  

Archbishop of Montreal
c/o Mrs. Annie Dorais
2000 SherbrookeStreet West
Montreal QC H3H 1G4
514 925 4300, ext. 202              

Deadline for submitting applications:  June 16, 2017