Coat of Arms - Catholic Church of Montreal

Coat of Arms of Bishop Thomas Dowd

Armoiries de Mgr Thomas Dowd

The green and gold colours are derived from the colours of the Dowd family. Green, in particular, is the colour of hope, a virtue that is at the core of my spirituality. Gold represents the glory of God and of heaven, a glory I hope to witness and share in some day. It is the object of my hope.

With regards to the sun, I have long been inspired by the title given to Christ of "Sun of Justice," as found in this quote from the prophet Malachi when speaking of the coming Day of the Lord: "But for you who fear my name, there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays" (chapter 3, verse 20).

The stripe, called a bend sinister in heraldic terms, has the same basic shape as a deacon's stole. It represents the fact that all bishops and priests were first ordained as deacons, and are called to serve and not be served.

The special horn is actually a shofar, a trumpet traditionally made from the horn of a ram. This musical instrument is meant to announce the glory of God. As well, these sorts of instruments are symbolic of communication at a distance, and so it expresses my interest in media and other means of social communications.

The motto, cor et anima una, is Latin for "one heart and soul." It is taken from a description of the early Christian community found in the Acts of the Apostles (chapter 4, verse 32). Unity has been a core theme of my own spiritual life for many years.

Finally, the green hat with tassels, as well as the Latin cross, are traditional symbols of the episcopal ministry.