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The Bible, an inspirational library

The Bible is not a book, strictly speaking, but a genuine library which, for Christians in the Catholic tradition, is made up of 73 books. It may be true that some of the texts can seem dull upon first reading, however many passages have retained their freshness and a surprising relevance for the world today!

When reading the Bible, we are seeking out a presence: that of God and of Jesus Christ. The Bible is therefore a place to encounter and to dialogue. We can undertake its reading alone or in a group, but the important thing, if we want to have an experience that enriches our faith, is to remember this relational dimension. When reading the testimonies of our predecessors in the faith, we open ourselves up to discovering a Presence that can transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

The Bible is like a family book, a precious heritage that has inspired, and continues to inspire, very many people. Let us learn to draw on this source daily so as to discover the discrete Presence of God in our lives and His plan for humanity!