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During the current pandemic, many of us are being thrown into a world of uncertainty. And yet, these times can also serve as an opportunity to welcome the nurturing of the soul. Young people, couples, families and the elderly alike, often wait, sometimes seeking this call drawn from the life-giving Word: "Souls, wake up, rise up, in both body and spirit."
Often times, those openly practicing their faith, or whose families live an active prayer life, or parish communities that thrive vibrantly, may appear to be the only places where faith is considered alive and present. This "Dialogue Corner" offers an alternative, confidential space for you to explore your own personal journey of faith, and to ask any questions you may have. Members of our team will be available to respond to you personally within 48 hours. We want to assure you of our support and assistance during these difficult times. Please note that any personal information you share will remain safe and confidential.

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