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This section addresses the needs of parish accountants. For all inquiries, please contact the Administrative Services to Fabriques Department at servicesfabriques@diocesemontreal.org

Keeping in mind the important needs with regards to governance, daily management of parish finances, and internal control, the Diocesan Finance Office has been offering a support service to parishes since January 2013.

In order to ensure efficient management of corporal affairs, parishes will therefore be selected for an audit of the accounting books, internal controls, compliance with fiscal laws, administrative matters, etc.

The service will also be available to parishes which specifically make such a request.

All requests for support should be addressed to Administrative Services to Fabriques Department at servicesfabriques@diocesemontreal.org


Section 31 from “An Act Respecting Fabriques” states:

At least two months before the beginning of its fiscal year, every fabrique shall forward to the bishop of its diocese, for approval, its proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

The budget of the fabrique shall be communicated to the parishioners after approval by the bishop.

The approval of the budget by the bishop shall not exempt the fabrique from the necessity of obtaining the authorizations required by section 26 or 27.

For more information please contact Mr. Pierre Lavoie at (514) 925-4300 extension 259 or plavoie@diocesemontreal.com.

2022 Budget Letter from the Diocesan Financial Administrator
Budget Form for 2022

Annual Report

For more information please contact Mr. Pierre Lavoie at (514) 925-4300 ext. 259 or plavoie@diocesemontreal.com.

Letter for 2021 Year End Report
2021 Annual Report Form

Often, the maintenance costs for cemetery plots are paid over a long period of time. The cemetery therefore enters into a long term financial commitment with its tenants.

The services of an actuary would help you to evaluate the present value of the commitments undertaken. Actuarial analysis may also provide the appropriate pricing to cover long term maintenance costs.

Cemetery management would be in a better position to administrate loans provided to the parish from the cemetery funds if they had information on the value of commitments undertaken as well as what fees would be appropriate. Actuarial analysis usually allows them to better justify their financial decisions to a third party.

For the purposes of sound governance, the diocese suggests that an actuarial analysis be carried out. However, the decision rests with cemetery management.

If you are considering proceeding with this analysis, the diocese can recommend a firm specialized in this type of mandate which is very specific.

Interested parishes may contact Parish Services at (514) 925-4322, ext. 224.

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