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Ignace Bourget Diocesan Medal of Merit

The Bishop Ignace Bourget Diocesan Medal of Merit takes its name after Montreal’s second Bishop (1840-1876), who was a generous and heroic witness of faith, charity and social commitment. His legacy is still heard of today. As a result, this price underlines the involvement of individuals and groups in the mission of the Church at the Archdiocese of Montreal over many years. Nominee proposals come from parishes, priests and Archdiocese staff members. The nominees are carefully chosen by a committee. The medal of merit is awarded usually during the patronal feast day of the Diocese or at another relevant date. In addition, the nominees are chosen according to their involvement and, very often, to the theme of the year.


Here are this year’s winners:


Ceremonies on January 10, 11, and 13, 2024:

- Mr. Joseph Thanh Hao Truong, from the Saints-Martyrs-du-Vietnam Mission
- Mrs. Pierrette Bujold and Mr. Claude Laflèche, from Service Avant Mariage Laval (SAML)
- Mr. André Lachambre, from Maison de la Foi, serving the deaf community
- The Technology and Evangelization Team at Santa-Teresa-de-Avila Mission 
- Carrefour Foi et Spiritualité of Bordeaux-Cartierville


Here are previous years’ winners:


Info still to come


Ceremony on January 11, 2020:

- Mrs. Jennie Parsons-Armstrong (faith education in St. Monica’s Parish)
- Mrs. Anna Diodati-Nolin (faith education in St. Monica’s Parish)
- Sr. Annette Boisvert, c.n.d. (Œuvre des Tabernacles)
- Mrs. Lise Jacques (Œuvre des Tabernacles)
- Mrs. Irma Hernandez (catechist and faith educator in Saint-Roch Parish)
- Mrs. Terezinha Barbossa-Laberge (catechist and person in charge of catechism in Saint-Roch Parish)
- Mrs. Julie Proulx (volunteer, parish and Saint-Vincent de Paul to Bx-François-de-Montmorency-Laval Parish)
- Mrs. Gérald Proulx (volunteer, parish and Saint-Vincent de Paul to Bx-François-de-Montmorency-Laval Parish)

Ceremony on January 14, 2020:

- Mrs. Reine Tremblay-Martel (volunteer since 1969, liturgy, offers services, Saint-Gilbert Parish)
- Mr.André Dubé (volunteer since 1986, offers services, helps the poor, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Parish)
- Mr.Raymond Labbé (volunteer since 1990, maintenance, Saint-Pierre-Claver Parish)

Ceremony on January 15, 2020:

- Sr. Mariette Desrochers, m.c.r. (volunteer, coordinator, Partage Saint-Maxime; social ministry)
- Laurent Vermette (volunteer at the Service d’entraide Sainte-Béatrice, Sainte-Béatrice Parish, helps the poor)


Ceremony on September 14, 2018:

- Mrs. Julie Waters (volunteer at the Diocesan Centre for Marriage, Life and Family)
- Mrs. Micheline Marsan (pastoral agent at Sainte-Rose-de-Lima Parish)
- Divine Mercy of Montreal (spreading St. Faustine Kowalska’s spirituality, the apostle of mercy)
- Mr. Joseph Nguyên Tuung Lam (three volunteers at the Saints-Martyrs-du-Vietnam Mission)
- Mrs. Thérèse Quuyh Chi Truong
- Mrs. Claire Thi Tuong Nguyên
- Savio Movement (pastoral life at Saints-Martyrs-du-Vietnam Mission)



Ceremony on May 31, 2017:

- Mr. Jean-Charles Déziel, Chairman, Société Historique de Montréal (historical society founded by Jacques Viger, first Mayor of Montreal)
- Brother Érik Oland, Society of Jesus (a community involved since the early days of Montreal)
- Sister Agnes Campbell, Congregation of Notre Dame* OR Congrégation de Notre-Dame (a community involved since the early days of Montreal)
- Mr. Jacques D’Arcy, Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice (a community involved since the early days of Montreal)
- Sister Marie-Thérèse Laliberté, Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph (a community involved since the early days of Montreal)
- Brother Joseph Liu, Pastor, The Chinese Catholic Mission (Mission begun in 1904 offering services including a school)


2015 (on the Patronal Feast Day)

- The Carmelite Sisters of Montreal
- The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
- The Brothers of Charity
- The Sisters of St. Anne
- The Institut Notre-Dame de Vie
- The Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary
- Mrs. Marthe Duhamel
- Father Jean-Yves Garneau, s.s.s.
- Sister Donata Palmieri, s.i.
- Sister Dorothy Maher, c.n.d.


2013 (on the Patronal Feast Day)

- Sister Madeleine Saint-Michel, r.h.s.j.
- Loyola High School
- The Brothers of the Christian Schools
- The Brothers of Saint Gabriel