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Property Management

Renovations at Saint-Nom-de-Jésus Church in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Property Management

This section outlines the steps that are to be followed by parish officials concerning maintenance work on buildings and the rental of properties.

Despite its advantages, this document will not be able to cover all questions or foresee all eventualities. For this reason, we invite parish officials (pastors, wardens, etc.) who would like further information, council, and all other types of support, to communicate with us.

What is the procedure for undertaking major construction or renovation work (costing more than $10,000)?

  • Identify the problem

  • Hire a professional consultant (architect or engineer) when necessary

  • Seek out at least three bids

  • Select a bidder in consultation with the parish fabrique and with the recommendation of the professional (if applicable) and draw up a resolution

  • Submit the proposal to Caroline Clermont, responsible at the diocese, who will review the document before submitting it to the archbishop for approval.

What documents must be provided?

  • The resolution from the parish fabrique

  • The resolution from the parish council (for the loan or credit line, if necessary)

  • All of the submitted bids (at least three)

  • The professional’s recommendation (if applicable)

  • Plans/estimates/cost breakdown, as much as possible

  • The source of financing

When will the parish receive approval from the archbishop?

Once the dossier is complete, a letter of approval signed by the archbishop will be sent about two weeks after the request.

Can we receive subsidies for the construction or renovation work?

If the church (classified A, B or C, and built before 1945) where work has become necessary has classification from the Ministry of Culture and communications (visit Inventaire des lieux de culte du Québec), the parish may be eligible for a subsidy from the Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec. If this is the case, you must communicate with Madame Caroline Tanguay, the diocesan resource person for matters of religious patrimony and sacred art.


Any parish that wishes to undergo construction or renovation work that is valued at more than $10,000 must obtain prior authorization by the bishop of the diocese.

What is the procedure for the rental of a property, rectory or church for a short, medium or long term?

All rentals of property or buildings that are managed by the parish fabrique which are valued at more than $10,000 annually must be submitted to the archbishop and approved by him, so as to guarantee legal protection for the owner(s) and future renter(s).

Procedure to follow for rentals:

  • Assure that the professional and personal activities of the potential renter respects the values and the mission of the Church.  When in doubt, it is strongly recommended to seek the archbishop’s council BEFORE drawing up an agreement.

  • Negotiate the price of the lease and its clauses. Comparative information and other useful documents can be obtained from the archbishop.

  • Send the proposed lease to Ms. Caroline Clermont.  The proposed lease will be reviewed, after which modifications may be made, if necessary.

  • Once the lease is approved by the two parties, the resolutions of the parish fabrique and the parish council must be provided concerning the potential renter.

  • Forward the two resolutions and the lease to Ms. Caroline Clermont, who will then have it approved by the Archbishop.

  • Once it has received the approval of the archbishop, the parish must forward a signed copy of the lease to Ms. Caroline Clermont.

Can a parish sell a property or a building?

In accordance with article 26 of the Loi sur les fabriques, a parish cannot sell off its assets without the consent of the bishop. Before undertaking any steps toward the sale of a property or a building belonging to the parish fabrique, those responsible must communicate with the person responsible for buildings at the archdiocese in order to discuss the project.

For all questions concerning buildings and rentals, please contact:

Ms. Caroline Clermont, Vicars General assistant
(514) 925-4300 ext. 266

For all questions concerning religious patrimony and sacred art, please contact:

Ms. Caroline Tanguay, Vicars General assistant
(514) 925-4300 ext. 326