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Archbishop's Councils

The Archbishop is the shepherd of the Church in his diocese. Episcopal consecration confers on him the threefold responsibility of sanctifying, teaching and governing.

He governs his diocese with legislative, executive and judicial powers by relying on various councils for guidance and support in delegating his authority. These councils are groups of people – the laity, deacons, religious women and priests who advise the Archbishop and help him with pastoral, and practical, decisions.


The Episcopal Council of the Diocese of Montreal is composed of Archbishop Christian Lépine’s closest collaborators. They meet with the Archbishop on a regular basis and provide a report on the pastoral pulse of the different parishes throughout the Archdiocese, help solve problems, plan for appointments of priests, etc.

Members : 

Christian Lépine, S.E. Mgr, Archevêque de Montréal
Alain Faubert, S.E. Mgr, V.G.
Charles Langlois, PSS
P. Harry Célestin, c.s.v.
P. Pierangelo Paternieri, C.S
Fr. Raymond Lafontaine
M. l’abbé François Charette
M. l’abbé Alain Mongeau
P. Médard Mbay Kwango, CMF
Marc Rivest, CSS
Économe (invité)
Chancelier (invité)

The Council for Economic Affairs of the Diocese of Montreal is presided by Archbishop Christian Lépine. This council helps to manage the heritage of the diocese and is comprised of competent members in the field of economic affairs and in civil law. Its members are appointed by the Archbishop for a five-year term. This council is defined by the Code of Canon Law.


Christian Lépine, H.E., Archbishop of Montreal
Alain Faubert, H.E., Most Rev., V.G.
Charles Langlois, P.S.S.
Gerald Gagnon, CPA, CA, CFA, MBA
Jacqueline Di Vito
François L. Morin

The Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Montreal represents the presbyterium (all the priests within the Archdiocese). Its mission is to assist the Archbishop in the governance of the diocese. According to Canon Law (495), it is to be like a “Senate of the Bishop”.

The members of the council are either members by right, owing to their office (Vicar General, Episcopal Vicar, etc.), elected by the priests themselves, or freely chosen by the Archbishop.

It is an advisory body. The duration of the mandate is 5 years.


+ Christian Lépine, président du Conseil 
+ Alain Faubert 
Charles Langlois, PSS 
François Charette  
Guy Guindon, PSS 


André Beauchamp 
Maurice Belemsigri  
Patrice Bergeron 
Guy Bérubé 
Jozef Blaszak, OFM conv. 
Jacques Dorélien 
Adam Klinkosz 
Luc Laurence 
Michael Leclerc 
Lawrence MacEachen 
Paul Maliska 
Gaétan Matteau 
Bertrand Montpetit 
Michael Orban, SJ 
Laurent Ravenda 
Dominic Richer 
Peter Sabbath 
Emanuel Zetino 
Jean Chrysostome Zoloshi 

Under the law, the College of Consultors is intended to assist the Archbishop with the governance of the diocese. Its members, between six and twelve in number, chosen freely by the Archbishop from among the members of the Presbyteral Council, are appointed for a five-year term. This college ensures the continuity of the diocesan governance in the case a seat becomes vacant.

Current members who remain in office  

+ Alain Faubert (31/08/2028) 
Charles Langlois, PSS (24/03/2028) 
François Charette (31/08/2027) 

New members : 

Dominic Richer 
Emanuel Zetino 
Jean Chrysostome Zoloshi 

The Pastoral Council of the Diocese of Montreal is a permanent consultative body representing the diocesan community. The Council is comprised of about twelve members, mostly baptized lay people, from the various sectors that make up the Catholic Church in Montreal. 

1 -      Jean-François Bigras

2 -      Susan Mader Brown, Professor, Religious Studies, Theology

3 -      Noé Fernando Castro avsec, Animator of spiritual life and community involvement, Dorval-Jean-XXIII Secondary School

4 -      Jensy Gunaseelam

5 -      Me Diane Labrèche, Professor of Law (retired)

6 -      Violaine Paradis, CND

7 -      Sophia Romero, Secretary, Notre-Dame-de-Pompei Parish 

8 -      Jean-Marc St-Jacques, CSV, Sacré-Cœur Residence, Clerics of Saint Viator

9 -      Fruan Tabamo,  Coordinator - Henri-Bradet Shelter, SAPA: supporting autonomy for the elderly 

10 -    Charles Taker, Leader of RCIA and Liturgical Ministries at St. Patrick’s Basilica

11 -    Brian Traynor, Program Developer at Divine Renovation Ministry; Senior Leadership Team St. Willibrord 



Biographical Notices

1 -       Jean-François Bigras

2 -       Susan Mader Brown

Dr. Susan Mader Brown, a member of Notre-Dame-de-la-Consolata parish since moving to Montreal in 2018 to be closer to her daughter and grand-daughter, is a Nova Scotian by birth but spent her professional career in Ontario, primarily in London, as professor of Religious Studies at King's University College at Western University and as part-time professor of Theology at St. Peter's Seminary. She has represented the CCCB in national ecumenical dialogues with the United and Anglican Churches. She participated in diocesan preparations for the 2023-2024 Synod and is currently a member of the Steering Committee preparing for the diocesan Synod. She also participates in SASMAD's ministry and sings with the Chorale du Gesù. 

3 -       Fernando Castro

Fernando Castro arrived in Quebec in 1990 to organize and lead the ministry for the Latin American Mission of Notre Dame de Guadalupe. In 1993, he became Pastoral animator for the diocese of Montreal, later becoming Animator of Spiritual life and community involvement in the public school system and today is working at Dorval-Jean XXIII Secondary School. 

  • Pastoral Council for the Centre-Sud presbyterate for 19 years, focusing on reflection and organizing pastoral development. 
  • Advisor to Archbishop J.C. Turcotte. 
  • Synod of Montreal – 1993 – 1998. 
  • Missionary Conference of Latin America (COMLA 7): in 2003 responsible for coordinating travel arrangements for 225 young Francophones to Guatemala, his country of origin. 
  • Representative for Canadian laypersons at the First Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America in Mexico in 2021, with CELAM – Episcopal Council of Latin America. 
  • Spanish Mission of St. Teresa of Avila: evangelization, youth ministry, catechesis, and tech team - since 2006. 
  • Animator for lay Marists since 1997 and for Jeunesse en action since 2003. 
  • In training for the Permanent Diaconate 

4 -       Jensy Gunaseelam

5 -       Diane Labrèche

Prof. Diane Labrèche has been a member of the Barreau du Québec since 1976. Now retired from her career as Professor of Law at the Université de Montréal, where she taught criminal law from June 1977 until May 2017, Ms. Labrèche has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching, including the 3M award, and has acquired vast expertise in the areas of both university-level teaching and professional development, in particular dealing with the law in its social context. Since retirement, while continuing to pursue her interests in professional development, she has been working together with various philanthropic initiatives on behalf of the Université de Montréal’s Réseau des diplômés et des donateurs (Association of graduates and donors), as well as acting as consultant in the institution’s legal clinic for the support of victims of criminal offences. 

With regard to her involvement with the Church, Ms. Labrèche is a member of over ten years’ standing with the Parish of St. Monica. Here she worked with the parish’s pastoral committee from September 2018 to June 2019. In February 2019, in collaboration with the then curate, she offered a workshop titled “Welcoming LGBT Catholics – Reflecting on Where We Are and Where We Are Going.” More recently, Ms. Labrèche has taken part in numerous synodal meetings, at both the parochial and diocesan levels.   

6 -       Violaine Paradis

Violaine is a religious with the Congrégation de Notre-Dame. While completing her studies in practical theology at the Dominicans pastoral institute, she spent three years in campus ministry working with the Benoît Lacroix Space (Centre étudiant Benoît-Lacroix), a role that combined her faith, her passion for the theatre and her inspiration for working with young people. She has been serving in social ministry for almost three years in the Centre-Sud and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve districts. Violaine has a profound belief in social justice and the preferential option for the poor. She dreams of the day when all of us, together as one Church, will make a deeper commitment to these values.  

7 -       Sophia Romero

Ms. Sophia Romero is Secretary of Notre-Dame-de-Pompei parish. She is a member of the Hispanic community and assists in the liturgy, the choir and the catechism program. Born in Canada of Salavdoran heritage, she is 38 years old. Her university studies were in commerce, and she speaks four languages. 

8 -       Jean-Marc St-Jacques 

Following his studies in theology and pedagogy, Br. Jean-Marc St-Jacques, c.s.v., worked in education as a teacher and director of an educational institution. For the past five years, he has been provincial treasurer of the Clerics of Saint Viator of Canada. In parallel, he has always been active in the world of young people. He is currently general manager of the SVP (Service de Préparation à la Vie - life preparation services) and director of Camps de l'Avenir (camps of the future) on Lake Ouimet. 

9 -     Fruan Tabamo

Mr. Fruan Tabamo is a married man and father of three. He has been working in the Quebec healthcare system since 1996. He is a parishioner of the Mission catholique philippine de Montréal, where he is a member of the parish pastoral council. 

10 -     Charles Taker

Charles Taker has been with the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages since January 2003. He is the Commissioner's Representative for the Quebec and Nunavut Region. Before joining the federal government in 2000, Charles Taker was Director General of the municipality of Grosse-Île, in the Magdalen Islands. He has also worked in the fields of education, health and social services, and community media. 

As far as his ecclesial involvement is concerned, he has been leading the catechumenal journey at St Patrick's Basilica for the past 20 years, where he is also Master of Ceremonies and responsible for liturgical ministries. Over the years, he has served on a number of diocesan committees, including most recently the Diocesan Catechumenate Team. He has also been an associate of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame since 1992. 

11 -     Brian Traynor

Program Developer at Divine Renovation, a global ministry, whose mission is to inspire, equip, and connect parishes to be missional. Formerly a teacher and campus minister. Senior Leadership Team member of St. Willibrord parish in Verdun, he is the father of three and husband of Talitha Cere.