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Prayer Requests




Intercessory prayer is one of the most frequent forms of prayer. In the Gospel Jesus tell us; “Ask and you shall receive…”. In this section, you are invited to share your prayer intentions. They will be conveyed to the cloistered community of the Recluses missionnaires de Montréal, who are committed to carrying them in their contemplative prayers, every day!

We also invite you to pray for one another’s intentions! Do not hesitate to support your neighbor through prayer, while indicating that you are praying for them.  Simply click on the “pray” icon to let them know of your support!


Prayer 2021-05-13 7:05:18

Please pray for my family that God will bless us and keep away us from evil thought and provide the thing which we have asked for him. Please God give a good job to me that I can help my family and guide me if I was wrong. Oh dear God listen my prayers and give me power and strength. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Prayer 2021-05-10 5:23:55

Lord, please be with my husband always. Please heal any illness that you see needs healing. Please remove the cyst in his throat and underarm and don't let it be cancerous. Please let his voice be back to normal. Please bless us with more years of togetherness. Thank you Lord. Amen

Prayer 2021-05-08 7:01:59

Prayer intentions for Darlene Marie–
For Darlene’s conversion and salvation.
For the complete healing of Darlene’s mind, body, and spirit.
For the healing of Darlene’s broken and angry heart.
For Darlene’s deliverance and protection from all evil and evil influences.
For the restoration of my relationship with Darlene. I pray that God Almighty will bring Darlene back into my life.

Prayer 2021-05-06 13:27:36

Please pray to destroy all spirit spouses, demonic forces, and generational curses & witchcraft that keep me single and unable to get married.

Prayer 2021-05-06 4:49:59

Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon
I’m suffering Persecution
St Michael Archangel protect us
Father Son Holy Ghost Amen
St Joseph pray for us

Prayer 2021-05-06 2:20:17

Eternal Father I offer up you the struggles of the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey Club ever since January 14th 2021- present day May 6th 2021 so please help the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey club For the sake of Jesus Christ sorrowful Passion have mercy on us Montreal Canadiens fans and on the whole world Jesus Please Fix Everything with Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey club Jesus I Trust In You.