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Prayer Requests




Intercessory prayer is one of the most frequent forms of prayer. In the Gospel Jesus tell us; “Ask and you shall receive…”. In this section, you are invited to share your prayer intentions. They will be conveyed to the cloistered community of the Recluses missionnaires de Montréal, who are committed to carrying them in their contemplative prayers, every day!

We also invite you to pray for one another’s intentions! Do not hesitate to support your neighbor through prayer, while indicating that you are praying for them.  Simply click on the “pray” icon to let them know of your support!


Prayer 2022-09-22 1:21:10

Please pray for the healing of Denise EALY

Prayer 2022-09-19 14:00:13

Pray for Magdalena Lovejoy, grief and loneliness and relationships and loss to be healed from; sorrow and suffering; and pray for Pauline Lowe and Bruce Bradshaw and Nicoletta Rogers; heal relationships and heal depression from these women's lives.

Prayer 2022-09-18 23:00:18

My fifth-semester theory and practical end-semester examinations start on 26 September 22 and ends on 11th October 22. Please pray for me, so that I can pass all of my theory and practical examinations with very good marks. Also for the grace of the Holy Spirit to complete all my practical journals in time before the exam and concentrate, study and understand completely all the topics of my exam.

Prayer 2022-09-18 18:51:44

I pray the curse of singlessness would leave me- I am 37 years old, not married and without a child and this brings a lot of sorrow and worry to me. I am struggling with women's health issue- the fact of not having a child or not getting married at all in my life time really scares me & brings great anguish/anxiety to me. I also pray the curse of financial & career stagnation would come to an end.

Prayer 2022-09-18 18:50:57

Pray for my own healing (Magdalena) from endometriosis, heavy & irregular periods, IBS, urinary tract infections, fibroids & ovarian cysts/abnormal growths, elevated CA125 levels, low iron/ferritin levels, inflammation / arthritis & spondylotitis. I pray for my protection and deliverance from cancer / other diseases, blood clots, stroke, heart disease, accidents, unexpected & premature death, tragic death.

Prayer 2022-09-18 18:50:13

I pray for the healing of my mom (Janina) from pre-fibrotic primary myleofibrosis. I pray for my mom's protection and deliverance from Acute myeloid leukemia, bone marrow fibrosis, other cancers, blood clots,stroke, heart disease, accidents, unexpected & premature death, tragic death, enemies both known and unknown, satanic assaults, infirmities & curses. I pray for my own healing (Magdalena)...