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Administrative Services to Fabriques

The mission of the Department of Administrative Services to Fabriques (ASFD) is to assist parish priests, churchwardens, all personnel and volunteers of Fabriques, in the exercise of their administrative and financial responsibilities within the Church, as well as in the fields of sacred art, heritage, cemeteries and buildings, within the framework provided by the Loi sur les fabriques.

Only one email to send your requests and questions: 



Caroline Tanguay – Director
Tel.: 514 925-4300 ext. 326

Caroline Clermont – Head of Buildings
Tel.: 514 925-4300 ext. 266

Fr. Julien Huron – Head of Sacred Art and the Diocesan Reserve
Tel.: 514 925-4300 ext. 466

Gabriel Gatchuessi Talom – Head of Finance and Accounting
Tel.: 514 925-4300 ext. 221