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Office for Consecrated Life


The Office for Consecrated Life is at the service of all types of consecrated life in the diocese of Montreal: monastic and apostolic religious congregations, societies of consecrated life, secular institutes and people who live a personal commitment of consecrated life.

The mission of this office is to support the enthusiasm associated with the founding charism of institutes of consecrated life;

  • To support their personal growth and discernment at times of reorganization or adjustment,

  • To stimulate dialogue between consecrated life groups, between them and with the directors of the diocese,

  • To promote new types of involvement in diocesan pastoral work.

Sr. Jacqueline Tchamgbade, SNDT - Co-Director
Tel.: (514) 925-4300, ext. 288

Donatella Fiorani - Co-Director
Tel.: (514) 925-4300, ext. 289
Office for Consecrated Life