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Office for Cultural and Ritual Communities


The presence of nuns and bothers who come from diverse cultural communities and traditions is a great source of wealth for our diocese.  Many of them already participate in the life of the Francophone and Anglophone parishes of our Church; others come together in any one of the 35 parishes or missions put into place by the diocese to serve them in the language of their country of origin while respecting their traditions.

The Office for Cultural and Ritual Communities is at the service of these communities so that they may always feel that they are fully members of the Church of Montreal and that they contribute to their mission of being the face of Jesus Christ for our world.

The Office is also responsible for sponsoring refugees, welcoming asylum seekers, and seasonal agricultural workers; it offers the Catholics among them the pastoral, liturgical and catechetical services that they need.


Pierangelo Paternieri c.s. Episcopal Vicar and Director of the Office of Cultural Communities and Rituals
Tel.: (514) 925-4300, ext. 309

Alessandra Santopadre - Assistant
Tel.: (514) 925-4300, ext. 295

Eliana Jaramillo - Pastoral Animator to Cultural and Ritual Communities
Tel.: (514) 925-4300

Arthur Durieux – Le Pont
Tel.: (514) 715-5847