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Filing a complaint


The Capriolo Report was released November 25, 2020. With the support of a Committee, co-chaired by the Honourable Pepita G. Capriolo and Archbishop Christian Lépine, the Archdiocese is now implementing the recommendations contained in the Report. The end result will be an abuse-complaint process that is victim-centred, includes all forms of abuse, and no longer considers the victim’s age at the time of the reported event a criterion for filing a complaint. 

The existence of an Ombudsman, the creation of a five-member lay Advisory Committee, and the conducting of investigations by external experts will ensure that each complaint is treated with due diligence and respect.

Documents to download

  1. Files first report - Ombudsman of the Archdiocese of Montreal (2021-08-17)

  2. Files second report - Ombudsman of the Archdiocese of Montreal (2021-12-07)

  3. Files third report - Ombudsman of the Archdiocese of Montreal (2022-04-19) NEW
  4. Letter from the Archbishop of Montreal (2022-04-19) NEW
  5. Archdiocese of Montreal Disciplinary Process Policy to Eradicate Abuse NEW

  6. Communiqué - Sexual Abuse: Nine Roman Catholic dioceses in Quebec release findings of an independent audit (2022-06-08) 

  7. Ombudsman presentation
  8. Complaint Handling By-Law
  9. Complaint handling process
  10. Complaint handling process summary
  11. Disclosure Protocol
  12. Complainant Support Policy
  13. Protocol Concerning the subject of a complaint (Pastoral Staff)
  14. Whistleblower and Witness of Abuse Protection Policy
  15. Status of Capriolo Report recommendations that are being implemented
  16. Advisory Committee to the Archbishop of Montreal
  17. Video testimonial - Tell your story