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Ex-Convicts and victims of violence


Aumônerie Communautaire de Montréal (ACM)
2745 rue Charlemagne, Montréal, QC, H1W 3T1
Chaplain coordinator: Laurent Champagne
Contact : 514-978-8881; acmontreal@hotmail.com
Assistant coordinator: Chantal Lusignan
Contact: 514 209-2176; coordonnateur.acm@gmail.com


The Aumônerie communautaire de Montréal is a group of organizations and volunteers who support the offender and their family during their social reintegration. Its mission is to “contribute to the social reintegration of former prisoners, their recovery, and that of their victims, in the context of restorative justice.”

Intervention in the areas of spiritual and emotional support, support related to medical concerns including mental health and addictions, practical assistance such as searching for housing and self-help programs, access to the community and also to various mentoring groups, circles of support and responsibility, or other forms of support.


Center for Services in Restorative Justice
Head: Estelle Drouvin
7333 rue Saint Denis, Montréal (QC) H2R 2E5
Contact : 514- 933 3737; 1 833 320 2757 (CSJR) ccsjr@csjr.org
Website: www.csjr.org

The Centre for Services in Restorative Justice (CSJR) accompanies people affected by an act of violence or a criminal offence, who wish to engage in a restorative process based on encounter, sharing and dialogue. It makes the community aware of the inclusive approach to restorative justice for social peace.

Restorative justice is a process of dialogue and sharing of experiences in a group setting that allows people affected by violence (victims, offenders, community members) to find ways of repairing the harm done. It thus promotes the healing of the social bond that was broken due to the events experienced.

Corporation Jean-Paul Morin
Head: Chantal Lusignan
Contact : 514 209-2176; corporationjpm@gmail.com

The Corporation Jean-Paul Morin is a non-profit organization that works on social reintegration with prisoners under federal jurisdiction as well as with their families. Our objectives are to sponsor prisoners, ex-convicts, and their families, to raise public awareness of the reception of the marginalized and to promote restorative justice.

“Rainbow” Restorative Justice Program: An education and accountability project on the harmful consequences of crime and the incarceration of prisoners.
“Springboard” Program: Restorative justice program on resiliency of indirect victims of crime and the inmate’s family.
“Offshore” Program: Workshops on forgiveness.
“Lighthouse” Program: Workshops on emotional relationships.
Diorao: A group for exchange and sharing between prisoners, ex-convicts, and committed volunteers.
Circles of support and accountability : Circles of support for high-risk sex offenders whose sentences expire soon.


Entrée Libre
2745 rue Charlemagne, Montréal, QC, H1W 3T1 (Next to Pie IX metro).  Montreal Community Chaplaincy Offices (Thursday evenings)
Contact: Laurent Champagne, 514-802-6141

Centre de jour René Gagnon/Néodép
2857 A de Bruxelles, Montréal, QC

Center for social reintegration of ex-convicts.
Activities: exchange, billiards, quilting, board games, meals
Open Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

René Gagnon Residence
2857 A rue de Bruxelles, Montréal, QC
Coordinator: Laurent Champagne
Contact : 514-978-8881; acmontreal@hotmail.com

Présence Compassion
1280, rue Berri - Montréal, QC, H2L 4S6
Grassroots contact: Daniel Paradis
Contact: 514 502-9844; presencecompassion@hotmail.ca
Website: www.presencecompassion.com

Présence Compassion is a social work of the fabrique of the Notre-Dame de Montreal parish that works in the streets with homeless people in downtown Montreal and in Old-Montreal


Montreal Southwest Community Ministries (Communitas)
3974 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Suite B, Montréal, QC, H4C 1R1
Contact: Peter Huish or Jeff Kennedy; 514-244-6147; Email: info@communitasmontreal.org
Website: www.communitasmontreal.org

Communitas is a non-profit essentially volunteer-driven, English-speaking organization, working in accordance with the principles of Restorative Justice for a safe community, through the accompaniment and re-integration of those who have served time in a penitentiary.


Communitas/Open Door
1444 Union Street, Montreal, QC. H3B 1B7.
Across the street from The Bay (McGill Metro/behind Christ Church)
Contact: Peter Huish or Jeff Kennedy; 514-244 6147

A Communitas activity, Open Door is a place to chill, to forget about the rest of your day, a good temporary absence from prison or a chance to get out of the halfway house. Or you could be more formal and say it’s a reintegration activity where inmates who are nearing the end of their sentence and those who have already returned to the community regain their foothold in society. Every Tuesday night 7-9 p.m.


La Société Élizabeth Fry du Québec et Maison Thérèse Casgrain
Director general: Ruth Gagnon
5105, Chemin de la Côte Saint-Antoine, Montréal, QC, H4A 1N8
Contact: 514-489-2116; Toll-free: 1-844-489-2116;  elizabethfry@qc.aira.com
Website: www.elizabethfry.qc.ca

Promote the social reintegration of women, who have been in conflict with the law, in a supportive and secure environment