Par Benjamin Ntouo-Ngouoni

A historic meeting took place at the GSAM (Grand Séminaire de Montréal) honouring the widows of our late deacons, with seminarians and deacons in attendance, on Tuesday, May 9. This gathering, initiated by the Office for Pastoral Personnel (OPP), was true to its word, and the widows were touched at being recognized by the Diocese of Montreal. 

In his moving address, Guy Guindon set the tone, praising the invaluable contribution made by these widows who had played a fundamental role in the diaconal missions of their late husbands. He is intending to make this event customary in the future. 

The widows looked back over the high and low points of their glorious past. And the gathering put fraternal love into action, as pointed out by Jeannine Levert:   

“I enjoyed our reunion; it brought back good memories of my husband's life as a deacon. It was a pleasant surprise and a lovely time.” 

The highlight of the meeting was the presence of Bishop Alain Faubert, who showed the greatest respect for the widows. In his remarks, Bishop Faubert emphasized the important role that these widows played in tirelessly supporting their deceased husbands in their diaconal missions. 

Sitting down to dinner with the widows of the deceased deacons, Bishop Faubert showed his sentiments and his compassion, his high regard and his warm empathy for these ladies. He offered each a bouquet of flowers with an embrace to demonstrate his affection and gratitude. 

Following the event, the diocesan sponsor, Deacon Michel Poirier, accompanied by his deputy, Réjean Leblanc, expressed his joy at seeing the ladies again and letting them know how important this commemoration was. He stressed that they should not be forgotten under any circumstances, having given so much, and that this gathering symbolized that recognition clearly. 

The gratitude expressed to the widows of late deacons is in keeping with the desire for true love. In this way, the PPO showed the widows the love of God in word and deed. This kind of initiative is to be promoted, putting a smile on the ladies’ faces and making them feel loved and appreciated. 

The meeting was the Diocese of Montreal’s way of encouraging us all to consider how much we owe these widows and expressing the gratitude and honour that they deserve for having given us so many blessings. They were quite moved by the recognition and delighted with the indelible moments of fraternity and friendship.