The ball hockey tournament, "The Apostles’ Cup," was held on Saturday, May 23, 2015. This year, Saint-Thomas à Becket de Pierrefonds Parish hosted this exciting event.

"With 22 registered teams, this year is the biggest one yet!" declared Isabelle Correa, Director of Youth Ministry at the Archdiocese of Montreal, who each year organizes this tournament for the youth from all the parishes in the archdiocese.

"St-Thomas à Becket Parish helped us enormously!" added Isabelle, "we received outstanding cooperation from the parish priest, deacons, volunteers, young people, and from the Knights of Columbus; their door was wide open. A lot of work goes into preparing a day like this. It requires support and backing during the entire year."

The event began early in the morning and ended at 4 p.m. with the presentation of the Apostles' Cup. Each team represented its parish, its youth group, its community group, or even its school.

It all took place in a true spirit of Christian fellowship. As soon as a team was eliminated, it gathered around a "rink" to encourage another team - at times even the one against which it had been eliminated earlier in the day. Many parents were present as well to encourage the youth of their parish.

The excellent DJ "JV-Lite," provided entertainment the entire day, and many took the opportunity to let loose and dance. The event came to a close in the church with the presentation of the trophies according to age group, as well as several "creativity" and "sportsmanship" prizes.

As reported on this event's web page, Pope Francis believes in the exceptional contribution of sport: "If there is no sports group in the parish, something is missing. ... Sport in the community can be an excellent missionary tool, where the Church draws close to each person, helping him or her to improve and to encounter Jesus Christ."

Therefore, mission accomplished for the Youth Ministry team, which, each year, proposes Jesus Christ to young people from all walks of life, by helping them to get to know God, even through sport!

Bravo to the young people, coaches, and priests for an exceptional day!

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