This year, the theme of the annual campaign and of the week of prayers for presbyteral vocations exhibits a note of joy and hope: “God is still calling today … what if we helped them become priests of Jesus Christ!”

This theme will be marked by several events over the coming weeks. A week of prayer will take place from January 24 to February 1st. The annual funding campaign will also start next Saturday, January 24 and will go on until January 22, 2016. 

Many events will be proposed to enable vocational discernment: week-ends of vocational discernment, vocation fair, cine-vocations, activities with young adults and with the families, seminarians will be visiting parishes and groups of youngsters, etc.
In the next few months, two masses for presbyteral vocations will be celebrated at the Grand Seminary of Montreal, on January 30 and April 10, 2015 starting at 7:30 pm. The January 30 mass will be animated by the "El Rosario" choir from the community of Notre-Dame-de-la-Guadalupe. Many other communities will also join in. The Eucharist on April 10 will be, for its part, animated by the community of Notre-Dame-d'Afrique. You are all most welcome to join us!

Location: 2065, West Sherbrooke Street, Montreal
Time: 7:30 pm

Yes, in 2015, God is still calling on young people to become priests!

Over the months, Father Sylvain Cloutier, in charge of vocations for the Archdiocese, will be meeting parents whose children wish to become priests. He will also visit young adults who wish to heed the Lord's call. God prepares patiently, at any age in life, the heart and intelligence of the people that He is calling on to follow Him. 

At the Grand Seminary of Montreal, 18 men are studying to become priests. 

In this year of consecrated life, we thank all the religious for their contribution to the culture of vocations.

In this year of the synod on the family, we thank all parents and grand-parents who, as "Domestic Church" become the center of many vocations through their testimony of respectful love, their prayer and their generosity. 

To all of you, sponsors of future priests, thank you for your generosity and your fervent prayers.