The Fraternités monastique de Jérusalem invites you to experience an online retreat for Pentecost, from the 17th to the 24th of May 2015. Register now!

Starting on May 16, 2015, to prepare for the following day's portion of the retreat, those registered for the retreat will receive daily (around 6 p.m., Montreal time) in their mailbox: a meditation, a biblical text, and a prayer (in HTML, PDF, and audio formats). 

Much of the retreat will be available not only in French but also in Italian, Polish, and English.

A biblical and spiritual journey in 8 days

  1. With Mary... find God within
  2. With Mary, leap for joy
  3. With Mary, quench our thirst
  4. In Mary... on the path of liberation
  5. In Mary... find consolation
  6. In Mary... remain wakeful
  7. Following Mary's example... learn to be one with the Church
  8. Accompanied by Mary... accept to go on mission