You wish to report an abuse? We’re here for you.

“Under my leadership, the Archdiocese of Montreal is determined to get to the bottom of things in the search for truth. We renew our commitment to receive, with compassion and respect, all those who reach out to us and to guide them toward the appropriate authorities. It is our firm desire to contribute, however humbly, to the process leading to justice and healing.”

“Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and their parishes; we feel their pain and suffering; we endeavour to seek ways to be more supportive.”


+Christian Lépine
Archbishop of Montreal



“Walking the Talk” - Archbishop Christian Lépine
“Walk the Talk”

spacer-221.pngIn an open letter published on September 8, 2018, in La Presse and The Gazette, Archbishop Lépine appeals to everyone within the Church to be resolute in tackling the issue of sexual abuse.

Prevention: Responsible Pastoral Ministry

spacer-221.pngTo ensure the safety and integrity of all those to whom the Catholic Church proclaims the Gospel, the Archdiocese of Montreal introduced its Responsible Pastoral Ministry Policy in 2016 to ensure a healthy and safe environment and to prevent all forms of abuse toward vulnerable individuals.

Prevention: Responsible Pastoral Ministry
Protocol to report cases of abuse
Protocol to report cases of abuse


As recommended in the 2018 guidelines on the protection of minors, published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), the Catholic Church of Montreal publishes herewith its protocol for reporting and processing sexual abuse complaints.

In effect since 2003, this protocol is currently under revision. The updated version will conform more fully to the new CCCB guidelines as well as incorporate the recommendations from the 2019 bishops’ summit convened by Pope Francis to tackle the issue of clerical sexual abuse.