• Archdiocese

Cascading responsibilities


1897: Back in Montreal, he taught canon law at the Grand Séminaire.
1898: He was attached to the Cathedral while chaplain at Mont Sainte-Marie, then a prestigious institution of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame.
1904: He was appointed parish priest of the Cathedral, as well as titular canon of the Diocesan Chapter.
1912: On June 23rd, Canon Gauthier was elected Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal.
1917: He was appointed vice-rector of Université Laval à Montréal.
1920: He became the first rector of the Université de Montréal which was in the process of becoming autonomous.
1921: On October 18th, Rome appointed him apostolic administrator of the diocese because of Msgr. Bruchési’s poor health.
1923: On April 5th, the Sacred Congregation of the Consistor issues a rescript appointing Msgr. Gauthier Archbishop of Tharona and Coadjutor of Montreal with right of preferment.
1939: On September 20th, after the death of Msgr. Paul Bruchési, Msgr. Georges Gauthier, after eighteen years as administrator and coadjutor, became Archbishop of Montreal.

The wise pastor

Msgr. Gauthier was a man of great culture and wise reflection. He read a lot and retained everything with extraordinary ease. He was a rigorous observer, aware of the new realities of his diocese.

The excellent orator

His incomparable eloquence was a precious asset in all circumstances. His elevated thinking, the skill of his realised and imaged initiatives, his perfect diction, his warm and sympathetic voice, his natural gestures, would captivate all his listeners. Whether here or abroad, his speeches impressed. This was particularly evident at the Eucharistic Congress in Lourdes in 1914 (accompanied by a vibrant Henri Bourassa) and at the Chicago Congress in 1926. In both venues, he gave a brilliant speech in front of eminent people. He was always up to the task no matter the occasion.