• COVID-19

Human and Christian Solidarity


How can our network - parish, diocesan, Christian, community, family - be an open Church... while the church (doors) are closed?

  • By applying and supporting, from a faith perspective, public health guidelines for Montreal; for Laval.  Congratulations to those who are already doing it!
  • By observing the impact on the people around us and supporting each other, thus weaving a social network of proximity. See list of Facebook groups
  • By referring or using 211 if necessary, either through telephone or on the Internet https://www.211qc.ca/. The purpose of this multilingual help and referral service is to direct people to community resources that can provide them with food aid, legal referrals, psycho-social support, etc. The service is available in several languages. Please note that the usual resources may be temporarily unavailable or the hours may have been reduced. Information is updated as it become available.
  • By ensuring a comforting telephone presence for isolated people we know, as Bishop Lépine encourages us to do (video message); or by referring to the diocesan spiritual support line: 1-888-305-0994 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.);
  • By participating in solidarity actions… for example, signing a petition on the House of Commons’ Website:

    • to implement a special program to regularize the status of asylum seekers working to fight COVID-19, and therefore supporting the health and safety of all Canadians, for humanitarian reasons - See the petition

    • to take concrete measures to strengthen the rules for businesses in the extractive industries and uphold human rights, in Canada and abroad. Recommanded by Development and Peace, campaign for an ombudsperson - See the petition

  • By supporting a cause for environmental responsibility; for example, with The Leap

While respect public health guidelines, some of us may be able to:

Together so that no one is left behind!

If you wish, please share your experiences: social@diocesemontreal.org; 514-925-4300, 208