Up to sixty people gathered Tuesday, Feb. 11, including priests, deacons and pastoral team members, for a meeting organized by the Office for Faith Education, held at Notre-Dame-d’Afrique Mission.

This was the first of two meetings to understand better the facilitation tool Be daring, get involved! used for formation in Christian life in the context of the missionary conversion. Created by the Assembly of Québec Catholic Bishops (AQCB) and the Office de la catéchèse du Québec, this document is a tool consisting of five separate modules: Where do we stand? What are we bridging? What’s our destination? How to act locally? A little higher, a little further. Be daring, get involved! is a tool that guides future participants to use an approach leading to missionary conversion of people’s mentalities and parish activities.

On that day, participants familiarized themselves with the dynamic of the tool under the leadership of OCQ’s Suzanne Desrochers, and explored the first two modules related to mission and conversion notions by naming and defusing our resistance, as we face necessary changes. Participants made discoveries, trying to use this tool in their parishes:

“In the face of change, lie for us behind our emotions needs and important values. If we do not take them into account, we will remain stuck. Change is not the difficult part: getting adjusted to others and their uniqueness is. One cannot be DARING, as one walks alone; there is a need for collaboration.”

At the end of the day, all agreed to meet again on March 10 at Notre-Dame-des-Anges parish to go through the modules with guidelines illustrating the missionary conversion and pointing out the necessary transformations.

More to come.

To visualize the document Be daring, get involved!, please click here!