This year, time seems to be dragging by... But why not take advantage of that, by getting ready for the best Easter of your life?

The Catholic Church of Montreal has you in mind! We've scoured the Internet and come up with a wide range of ideas for you, taking into account your interests and the age group you belong to: adults, young adults, teens, children and families. 

We hereby proudly present our microsite dedicated to Holy Week and Easter 2021!

God created us all to be different, and so our hearts are not all attuned to the same things. That's why we offer different types of resources organized into playlists to help you experience this time of blessing in your own unique way, while at the same time remaining firmly in communion with the universal Church:

  • LISTEN: Music and podcasts
  • WATCH: Videos, articles and games
  • ACT: Recipes, crafts, activities of all kinds and opportunities for giving and being of service
  • PRAY: Stations of the Cross, meditations, prayers, etc.

A few examples…?

Find out how to have a vibrant Holy Week at home, if there are children around and also if not; watch a film with friends online and then have a conversation about it; make a palm cross (with paper palms this year!); or prepare a family seder!

Learn more about the meaning of the Eucharist; decorate Easter eggs; pray the Stations of the Cross (and for the children – get them to colour in the stations!); or spend time with the Lord by enjoying the breathtaking musical, "Passion of Christ"!

Make an Easter candle; rediscover the meaning of the Easter Vigil and live it more fully than ever, either by yourself or with your family; wake your family up to Handel's Messiah on the morning of the Resurrection; or find inspiration in Ricardo's recipes for preparing an Easter dinner!

How are you preparing for the best Easter day of your life?