Rouyn-Noranda – Quebec’s Catholic bishops, gathered at the plenary assembly in Rouyn-Noranda, are encouraging Quebec citizens to support a national campaign for the taxation of superprofits being enjoyed by food corporations. In taking this step, the bishops are responding to an invitation from the Social Action Table of the Dioceses of Quebec (Table de pastorale sociale des diocèses du Québec), a partner group of the Church and Society Council (Conseil Église et Société).

Source - Translated by the Archdiocese of Montreal

The nation-wide campaign was launched in August 2023 by the Round Table on Hunger and Social Development in Metropolitan Montreal (Table de concertation sur la faim et le développement social du Montréal Métropolitain) against a backdrop of significant inflation in food prices. This increase in prices has been affecting society as a whole for a number of years, but it has been most acutely felt by those already living at the poverty level. Our faith and our Christian values compel us to act in solidarity with the vulnerable. Supporting this campaign is a means of taking a concrete stand on this issue.

In order to rectify the lack of food security caused by inflation, we are raising our voices along with those of many other organizations in demanding that the Quebec government enact a tax of 35% on the superprofits of the large food corporations, calculating such excessive profits using the basis of average profits earned by the same companies over the five years preceding the pandemic. We demand furthermore that the monies thus collected be redistributed among the citizens of Quebec on the basis of their respective incomes.

Quebec citizens wishing to support these demands are invited to sign the petition titled “Imposition des surprofits des grandes entreprises alimentaires” (Taxation of the superprofits of food companies), either electronically or using a paper copy of the petition, and to forward it to the Table de concertation sur la faim et le développement social du Montréal Métropolitain. The deadline for returning signed petitions is November 22, 2023.


+ Christian Rodembourg
Bishop of Saint-Hyacinthe
President of the Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops