The Catholic Church of Montreal will launch its 2021 Annual Campaign "On a mission: Growing. Stronger. Together." – including, this year for the first time, digital platforms.

The 2021 Annual Campaign "On a mission: Growing. Stronger. Together." features four people on a mission with the worthy task of promoting and serving spiritual life and love in the various spheres of family, work, society and Church.  And in spite of the current challenging circumstances, these individuals have made and continue to make a difference in their communities.  They have found new ways to be present and supportive in the mission, bringing new hope through their involvement during these times of crisis.

Indeed, present circumstances have inspired members of the Catholic Church of Montreal to mobilize, dedicating themselves to the cause through their support.  The ways we engage in the mission may vary, but the mission remains the same.  As Archbishop Christian Lépine expressed it, "In the Diocese of Montreal, faced with the distress, isolation and suffering experienced at a time when only ten people were permitted inside our churches, the pastoral teams gave their best and mobilized to provide spiritual support to the faithful."

Witnessing the love of God also means contributing to the joy, the love, the well-being and the dignity of individuals, families, youth and humanity as a whole.  Together, let’s support the Catholic Church of Montreal!  "The doors of our hearts were never closed. The Church invites and helps us to focus on beauty and love, truth and goodness. Although not everything depends us, each of us has his or her role to play," wrote Bishop Lépine in his letter Under the “new normal,” an enduring essential: the spiritual.

The Church remains On a mission and to carry on, we ask for your support.

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