Is it possible to have a career in the Church today? What opportunities are there for students of philosophy, theology and pastoral ministry in contemporary Quebec? Are there any jobs that centre around knowledge of human nature, faith and the pastoral dimension of the Church? Courses offered to all... not only to future priests!

April 12, 2023 - The Grand Séminaire de l’Archidiocèse de Montréal opened its doors this past fall, offering courses in philosophy, theology and pastoral care to the general public, lay people, consecrated persons, candidates for the diaconate, and future priests. These courses reach out into the world with our conviction that Christians are reflections of Christ’s light in the world of today, agents of change for our society. 

Through the knowledge of human nature, through intelligence and determination, through the faith that philosophy, theology and pastoral care impart to the world through Christian teaching, new and living ideas are given shape, forming our communities and enriching our world. This communiqué represents our challenge to you today to reflect on the needs of society and the Church, to listen to the call of the People of God and to examine the vistas revealed to you in today’s world by the program of studies offered at the Grand Séminaire de l’Archidiocèse de Montréal. 

Some perspectives: 

We wish to direct your attention to some of the avenues that these studies open up for you. Far from being dead sciences in our world, each of our course programs offers an array of possibilities that we would like to discuss with you today. 

In fact, philosophical and theological studies initiate you into the world of the humanities, education, ethics and politics. They equip you to grapple with social justice issues and engage with charitable organizations, through the expertise, both intellectual and practical, that our training provides. 

Theological and pastoral studies will also open doors to the fields of teaching, whether in parishes or schools, of catechesis and motivating community life, spiritual guidance, counselling and support, research and writing. And here the avenues begin to multiply, including work in parishes, in dioceses, in schools, in residential institutions for students and the elderly, in hospitals and in various other organizations. 

Your knowledge and your qualities, your human and pastoral skills will open countless doors on the employment market, but they may likewise orient you towards higher-level studies, and from there to teaching in an academic setting. 

We encourage you to challenge yourself! Come and discover our course offerings! 


“Young friends, don’t wait until tomorrow to contribute your energy, your audacity and your creativity to changing our world. Your youth is not an “in-between time.” You are the now of God, and He wants you to bear fruit.” - Pope Francis, Christus vivit, no. 178 


Guy Guindon

Catherine Prud’homme
Director of Studies