As the “city of a hundred bell towers” celebrates its 375th birthday, Ulysses Travel Guides is proud to present an all-new guidebook inviting visitors to discover Montreal through one of its greatest treasures: its religious heritage!

Whether they are inspired by faith or pursuing an interest in architecture, art, or history, Discovering Montréal's Religious Heritage will lead Quebecers and visitors alike on a grand tour of fascinating holy places and their treasure troves of splendid and sometimes little-known works of art. Readers will discover cathedrals, basilicas, churches, shrines, and temples of many faiths, as well as successful examples of religious buildings that have been preserved and recycled for other uses.

n full colour and bursting with magnificent photos that reveal the beauty and richness of Montréal's sacred buildings and religious heritage, Discovering Montréal's Religious Heritage offers 11 itineraries through the untold historical and architectural richness of the city's multi-faith heritage.

Though not an exhaustive reference, the guidebook is an in-depth journey of discovery and rediscovery, exploring Montréal's religious heritage through its many different historical periods, architectural styles, interfaith dialogues, and unique communities and neighbourhoods. As you follow the successive periods in which these religious buildings were constructed, you'll bear witness to the development of Montréal and its neighbourhoods, to the succeeding waves of immigration that have enriched the city, and to the birth and growth of its local communities.

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A french version is also available.