Following yesterday’s tragedy in Toronto, Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal expresses his deepest sympathies and solidarity.

Dear Faithful of the Archdiocese of Montreal,

Since yesterday, we are all feeling the shock of the tragedy that occurred in Toronto. For the moment, we know that 10 souls were lost and 15 others suffered injuries. We do not yet have a precise idea of what led the perpetrator to commit this horrible crime, but we have been profoundly shaken by the drama that has struck the victims and their families.

Each life has a story, and yesterday, a number of innocent people were mowed down as if their existence meant nothing. For their part, the injured were indelibly marked in body and soul, while their families have been subjected to immeasurable pain and suffering.

On behalf of and in harmony with all the faithful of the Montreal Archdiocese, I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt compassion in light of the anguish brought about by this senseless act. I unite with the Archbishop of Toronto and echo his call to prayer. Jesus Christ has the power to heal broken hearts and show us the way to eternal life. We wish to now join together in silence and solidarity to entrust the victims and their families to the Lord and to his infinite lovingkindness.

At this difficult time, we find comfort in those who witnessed the tragedy firsthand and did everything in their power to help, as well as in the first responders who provided such quick and expert assistance in the face of this terrible crisis. By the grace of God, we will always continue to believe in the power of good and mutual aid.

+Christian Lépine
Archbishop of Montreal