The initiative will offer young people in Togo the opportunity to participate in summer camps. Several Catholic youth movements, including Cœurs Vaillants et Âmes Vaillantes, with the support of Enfance Missionnaire of Togo, will manage the camps with the goal of developing the missionary spirit among young people. Everyone, including the counsellors, will enjoy the experience of living together and sharing their differences as they take advantage of the opportunities to forge new friendships or simply to overcome shyness.

Videos, photos, testimonials and fact sheets on the culture of the country will soon be available on our website. In addition, we will be available to come help with the animation. 

As you prepare for your pastoral year 2023, we look forward to your involvement with this project benefiting your young people! 

Finally, for those who would like to learn more about the Pontifical Mission Societies for Children (Mond'Ami), we have just published a brand new brochure!

For further information, please contact Mond'Ami national coordinator Ginette Côté at or by telephone at (514) 844-1929 ext. 206.