Alexandre Warnet and Louise Royer announce the results of their online petition posted publicly on the National Assembly of Quebec’s website these past three months.

By Louise Royer

The signatories ask the Assembly to permanently reinstate the closure of commercial businesses on Sundays, with the exception of essential services, by means of an amendment to the Act respecting hours and days of admission to commercial establishments.  
1,406 people signed the petition on-line, and about 40 others have signed it on paper. The petition was available in English and French.
The Member of the National Assembly for Sainte-Rose, Christopher Skeete, was kind enough to sponsor this petition and he will officially table it.

Alexandre Warnet and Louise Royer warmly thank all the people who have signed or promoted this action, as well as the Ste. Rose constituency office staff.

If, like the 1,450 signatories, you would like to rediscover healthy and enjoyable Sundays, you can: 

  • Avoid shopping on Sundays;
  • Encourage businesses and restaurants that are closed on Sundays;
  • Make sure that everyone you know can rest one day a week;
  • Promote Sunday rest in areas where it is feasible;
  • With your family and friends, make Sunday a time of joy and conviviality.  According to your priorities, it could be a time of spiritual and cultural renewal, sports activities, etc. or play, social inclusion or contact with nature.

Several faith and cultural traditions already preserve times to celebrate social or spiritual relationships in a gratuitous manner. These practices have proven to be a powerful factor of resilience, both personal and in community.  Resilient communities are exactly what is required for the just and green energy transition that the Earth needs.  May resilient communities continue to emerge and persevere!