On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, the City of Montreal announced that the former Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph site, which hs been renamed the Cité des Hospitalières, will be dedicated to theme of Living Together.

For the occasion, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre was accompanied by Sister Marie-Thérèse Laliberté, Superior General of the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph.

Mayor Coderre also announced that the City's Executive Committee approved the draft act by which the City of Montreal is acquiring the ownership of the property of the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph (RHSJ), for $14,550,000. The property of the RHSJ is located on Pine Avenue West, and borders Jeanne-Mance Park and the mountain, within the boundaries of the Mount Royal Heritage Site.

"By purchasing the property of the Religious Hospitallers, we are taking the opportunity to promote a special place, a site associated with Montreal's founding and cofounder, Jeanne Mance. We should also highlight that the bill of sale contains a formal commitment of the City to the RHSJ to do everything possible to protect and preserve the historical, cultural and religious heritage associated with the real and personal property that will be transferred to the City as part of this transaction," declared Mayor Coderre.

A new vocation for the Cité des Hospitalières

The City also announced the new vocation of the site, now the Cité des Hospitalières. "We will create in the cité an inspiring and lively complex, one that is steeped in Montreal's history and reflects our city's character. The new vocation will make the site a place where vast sections of Montreal's history will be expressed, in all its strength, diversity and complexity. The primary theme of the Cité des Hospitalières will be on Living Together. The site will be accessible to the public and promote a sense of belonging for Montrealers by giving them countless opportunities to recognize themselves within a rich and diverse community," said Mayor Coderre.

Continuing the initial mission

"During a recent meeting with City of Montreal representatives, the sisters of the congregation were given an idea of the projects that could take place in the building where they will continue to live as tenants. We are confident that these innovations could continue the initial mission of the community here, such as an openness to various needs, ranging from preserving memory and heritage, such as the museum and archives, to other innovative projects, open to the world and its need for dialogue, encounter, silence and peace. The preliminary discussions were unquestionably a determinant, as was the attention given to us by the City of Montreal, our new owner," said Sister Marie-Thérèse Laliberté, Superior General of the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph.

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