(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis said on Sunday (8th November) that the recent stealing and leaking of the Holy See's confidential documents was "a crime" and "deplorable act that does not help."

But at the same time he said this "sad event" definitely does not in any way deter him from pressing ahead with his planned reforms of the Roman Curia with the help of his advisers. The Pope's remarks came at the end of his Sunday Angelus address. 

Please find below a translation into English of the Pope's remarks about the leaking of the Holy See's documents:

"Dear brothers and Sisters,

I know that many of you have been upset by the news circulating in recent days concerning the Holy See's confidential documents that were taken and published.

For this reason I want to tell you, first of all, that stealing those documents was a crime. It's a deplorable act that does not help. I personally had asked for that study to be carried out and both I and my advisers were well acquainted with (the contents of) those documents and steps have been taken that have started to bear fruit, some of them even visible.

Therefore I wish to reassure you that this sad event certainly does not deter me from the reform project that we are carrying out, together  with my advisers and with the support of all of you. Yes, with the support of the whole Church because the Church renews itself with prayer and the daily holiness of each baptized person.

I therefore thank you and ask you to continue to pray for the Pope and the Church, without getting upset or troubled but proceeding with faith and hope."