"Sur la route de nos églises" is an ambitious project dedicated to showcasing the century-old churches of Quebec through captivating short films. Initiated by Yves Coulombe and Sylvain Piché, this project aims to share the beauty and history of these unique places of worship, while highlighting the talent and devotion of the ancestors who built them.

Selection Criteria

To be selected, a church must meet three essential criteria:

  1. Be at least 100 years old
  2. Have retained its authenticity
  3. Be of Catholic denomination

Each short film details the church’s architecture, artworks, and history.

L'église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre de Montréal

L'église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre de Montréal has recently been featured in this series, fully meeting the selection criteria due to its rich past and well-preserved authenticity. Founded in 1851, this church is a precious witness to the religious and cultural history of Montreal.

The short film dedicated to Saint-Pierre-Apôtre explores its impressive neo-Gothic architecture, colorful stained glass windows, and exceptional artworks. The church, with its majestic organ and detailed frescoes, reflects the commitment and passion of those who have built and maintained it over the decades.

An Initiative for Collective Memory

"Sur la route de nos églises" is more than just a series of videos. It is a crucial initiative for the preservation of Quebec's heritage and the transmission of our history to future generations. By producing around thirty short films per year, Yves Coulombe and Sylvain Piché aim to document and raise awareness of these architectural and historical treasures.

Where to Watch the Videos

The videos of "Sur la route de nos églises" are available on the project's official YouTube channel: Sur la route de nos églises. Each viewing is a journey into the past, a discovery of the architectural and artistic wonders of our century-old churches.

By highlighting churches like Saint-Pierre-Apôtre de Montréal, this project contributes to the conservation of our collective memory and the appreciation of our shared heritage.

Another Montreal parish, St-Charles Church in Pointe-St-Charles, was also featured in 2022, found here: