Join us this September to watch these featured series and other new and returning programs:
Behold. A new program featuring a fresh collection of Catholic stories each month, in which you will step into a faith-filled world of beauty, truth, and goodness with short documentaries on intriguing topics. Listen in on interviews with notable personalities and dig deeper with explanations and analysis of trends and themes in the Church today.

This Place: Real People. Real Faith.  A new television series that will allow you to get an inside look into different dioceses across Canada from an upbeat, fresh and joy filled perspective. Join our host, Emilie Callan, as she brings us feature stories about Catholics, who are proud of their local church and share with us the faith of their local community.

Subject Matters. Now in its 3rd season, our popular book show will, once more, offer you a great line-up of influential Catholic authors on a variety of important topics including the environment, dialogue, and spirituality.  All of these are critical to building a better world, and the Church has a lot of ideas and experience to offer through these authors.

Sur la route des diocèses. For our bilingual viewers, Francis Denis returns this fall with new episodes of this French language program where he invites us to meet the different faces of our Church in French-speaking dioceses in Quebec and around Canada.

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