Reaction of the President of the Assembly, the Most Rev. Christian Rodembourg, to the revelations concerning Jean Vanier.

*Original version in French, in-house translation

The Catholic Bishops of Quebec are concerned to learn the results of the inquiry commissioned by the leaders of L’Arche, which reveals the abusive actions of Jean Vanier.
First of all, we would like to salute the courage of the victims who denounced the actions of Jean Vanier. It is hard to imagine the pain they had to bear for so long and the efforts they had to make to report these actions. We sincerely sympathize with them and hope that the light shed on what they lived will bring them peace and healing.

We also commend the transparency with which the leaders of L’Arche have received the allegations made to them and the diligence with which they have sought to shed light on these sad events.

The whole community of L’Arche is hurt by these revelations, as well as the Faith and Light, Faith and Sharing and Intercordia communities. We assure them of our friendship and support them in our prayers.

There is no doubt that Jean Vanier’s image is tarnished forever. However, the works he set up are still relevant and prophetic. They have our ongoing support and consideration.
The Bishops of Quebec once again call on all who have been victims of abuse to report it to the police. Each of our dioceses has implemented measures to welcome with dignity the victims who will contact us.

In addition to welcoming victims, we would like to reiterate that we unreservedly condemn any act of abuse of any kind, and remain vigilant that the measures introduced in our communities to prevent them are constantly improved.