Here is the testimony of the Baronian family that explains how they went through this ordeal with the help of God.

Following the precariousness brought by the COVID-19, we were forced to adapt, and the list of challenges was long. The government introduced security measures, and cultural events were cancelled for the year 2020, particularly religious worship.

Each family had to overcome various obstacles on a daily basis. Faced with the atrocities caused by the coronavirus pandemic, some people moved away from their church, some losing their commitment, others even their faith.

As a Christian family, we held dear to our faith in our daily routine despite the struggles. To get through this ordeal, we remained anchored in our religious traditions. For instance, on Easter Day, in the heart of the pandemic, our Church celebrated the Mass online. This celebration allowed us to gather and participate together as a family. We felt it was important to maintain our traditions.

We are a family of six, and home confinement over the last three months has not been easy at all. For our children—four young high school and college students—it was rather easy to adapt to online studies. For us, however, being confined was highly challenging, as we usually work full time in a silent office. We suddenly found ourselves at home, in a basement, surrounded by the whole family and a lot of noise! But, as time went by, we started creating a beautiful and respectful work environment in which sharing prevailed. This environment allowed us to enjoy wonderful family reunions. We discovered the importance of listening to one another, and spent quality time together. In short, the pandemic brought us closer, and also generated a great atmosphere of love.

Our children, being enrolled at the Sainte Marcelline College, benefited from an excellent follow-up during the pandemic. They are imbued with this college’s Christian values, strengths on which we deeply insist. Praying and trusting in God were our sources of inspiration. That is what kept us on track through this whole ordeal.

We believe that, nowadays, Catholic schools have a great role to play in transmitting the beautiful values of love. This is why the Sainte Marcelline College must continue to promote openness and sharing in its Christian mission.

Best regards,
Ms. Dzaghig Djiredjian