Responsible for the Gospel Adventure for Sainte-Maria-Goretti Parish, Colette Bourdages takes care of her members while respecting her health condition. A fine example of apostolic zeal.

By Colette Bourdages

Being immunosuppressed since my kidney transplant, I am on the list of people who must remain quarantined at home until the announcement of further social measures.

Our gathering on The Adventure of the Gospel, which was to take place on Friday, March 13, had to be cancelled—I was the one who called everyone—because some people were afraid of the COVID-19. The health emergency was announced the very next day on March 14, and the people aged 70 and above were asked to stay home—an age group to which I belong—so I was doubly affected!

During the week that followed, that is to say on Wednesday, March 18, I called the six people in my group to enquire about their health and concerns, and to assure them of my prayers.

Today, I sent them a special delivery by mail: AN ENVELOPE FILLED WITH SOFT COMPASSION AND SUITING COMFORT.

It was a letter intended for them all. It contains what I had prepared for the March 13 gathering, and words of a psalm entitled Good evening and good night. It also contains reflections and prayers of comfort, courage, strength and hope presented in a butterfly shape form.

Our theme on March 13 was to be “Conversion.” What a prophetic theme during Lent, a time in which we are forced to live in our own private desert!

Like Paul, I ask the Lord to fill me with His grace, so that I can grasp my mission on this difficult path!

The only means of communication I have at my disposal to encourage and support the people in my group are my phone, my email and the mail. These means also help me communicate with those who need to be listened to, who need a presence (among them several elderly people who live in worry, distress and anxiety), and who cross my path.

Your email of encouragement has done me the greatest good.

I leave you with this verse of psalm 30:7-8:

“I confide in the Lord. I will exult and rejoice in your steadfast love, because you have seen my affliction.”