On January 31st and February 1st, the Archdiocese invites you to come over to reflect and pray for a “new spring of consecrated life”. These 24 hours will be organized around three highlights: liturgical celebrations; symposium on consecrated life; night of prayer and worship.

Through Pope Francis, the Lord calls us to live together the Year of Consecrated Life. A great gift! A major challenge! Shall we agree to "examine our faithfulness to the mission entrusted to us". Are we going to start out again, to commit ourselves again in order to "awaken the world"?

We will hear the testimonies of those who are living off their commitment to the consecrated life on a daily basis. We will pray together, gathered around the Eucharist Christ and wearing the colors of our multiple callings.

Most Rev. Luigi Bonazzi, Apostolic Nuncio to Canada, will preside the mass on January 31 and Archbishop Lépine will preside the mass of February 1st.

Laity and consecrated, let us take the opportunity to (re)discover the multiple aspects of consecrated life in Quebec, with its history, timeliness and wonderful hope.   

Message of the Vicar General to consecrated people

Last November, on the eve of the year that Pope Francis dedicated to you, I had the happiness and joy to send you a letter testifying to my appreciation and affection for the consecrated life. Now this year, which already started last year, is moving forward with fast steps in 2015. While offering you my best wishes for a Good, Happy and Holy Year, I am adding a wish that is dear to me, that all your dreams come true as long as, of course, they commune with God's dreams about you. May this year be blessed!

Within your own groups you may have had the opportunity to mark together this year of consecrated life that is unique to you. Great appreciation for these inspired initiatives! Furthermore, we are now all presented with a perfect opportunity: a 24-hour prayer for a new spring of the consecrated life, starting with a thanksgiving mass for consecrated life in Quebec and ending with a solemn mass presided by our Archbishop, Mgr. Christian Lépine.

As you will find it attached or on our Web site: www.diocesemontreal.org, this 24-hour prayer will take place at the Sanctuaire du Saint Sacrement, 500 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, in Montreal, as of Saturday, January 31, at 12 pm, and will end with the celebration on Sunday, February 1st, at 11 am. The celebration will be followed by a community lunch in the crypt, where everyone is asked to bring their lunch. 

I look forward to seeing many of you at assembly of prayer and thanksgiving, and I pray God to bless you.

Pax and Bonum 

Msgr. Michel Parent, P. H.
Vicar General