The Chancery team is pleased to submit the 2015 Diocesan Directory to the Archbishop. As a new project this year, it will also soon be available on our website in an electronic version.

Archbishop Christian Lépine thanked the individuals responsible for this considerable work effort and highlighted the importance of this Year of Consecrated life in Montreal.

This year, the directory was created from a new database and will in effect, facilitate the consultation and management of information in order to benefit both individuals and parishes.

The 2015 directory will also soon be offered in its electronic version on our website. It will be updated regularly and it will be available for download.

This way, the 2015 directory becomes a "snapshot" of the database on the day which it is being consulted. 

An email address is at your disposal for any corrections to be brought to the directory:

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A finely tuned verification of the 9839 parts of relevant data was necessary for the preparation of the directory!