(VMO) At the end of September, Elizabeth Koessler retired from the position of Associate Director for the Office for English Pastoral Services (OEPS). Her successor is Anastasia Charasidis, who prefers to be called Stacy.

Born and raised in Montreal, Stacy received a DEC in Office Technology at Notre Dame Secretarial College before completing a BA in Honours English Literature at Concordia University. "Having both a background in writing and business is a huge asset for this type of job," explains the new Associate Director. Stacy comes from the Office for Faith Education where she worked for two years. Prior to that, Stacy worked for 21 years in the business world. "Managing the administrative and business sides of this job are my strengths. My area of growth will be developing the pastoral side," she told VMO. "This is new for me, and I'm excited learn more about the parishes and different communities in Montreal." Her official start date was August 1st. Stacy loves it so far and can't wait to learn more.

Stacy will be working alongside Bishop Dowd, helping him with his vision to grow and develop the community and church life in Montreal.

As the new Associate Director, some of the tasks the Concordia graduate will be responsible for are coordinating the implementation of pastoral initiatives for the English-speaking community, developing relationships with lay and pastoral personnel in the parishes and leading the staff of the OEPS in day-to-day affairs. She will also be responsible for following up on inquiries made to OEPS and serving as ombudsperson where necessary.

Needless to say, there is a lot to be done as the Associate Director. "I really fell in love with the church when I put my kids through Faith First, and I think that my growing relationship with my church and its communities will help my passion grow."