The following is an update from Msgr. Michel Parent on the situation of our archbishop emeritus.

Fellow priests,
Consecrated of the archdiocese,
Faithful of the archdiocese,  

Yesterday morning, I wrote to you about my concern for Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte's health. In the late afternoon, I went to see him again, and we shared a moment of fraternal solidarity and friendship. The cardinal expressed his appreciation for everyone who assisted him in his various ministries. I spoke to him again of the affection that the presbyterate of Montreal, the deacons, the consecrated, and the faithful of the archdiocese feel for him.  

The archbishop emeritus before me was entirely at peace, utterly «tuned» to the Lord, in full acceptance of His will. We prayed together for a long time.  

We believe in the communion of saints and in the mystical body, and with this vision of faith, I am confident that our affection for the cardinal and our prayer for peace in his heart will be of great comfort to him.  

Let us also express our gratitude to Cardinal Turcotte's family for the generosity with which his brothers and sisters are accompanying him, and the solidarity it inspires in us.  

Pax et Bonum    

Msgr. Michel Parent
Vicar General