The Loyola High School Jesuit Board of Directors and the Loyola High School Board of Governors are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Paul Donovan as the next President of Loyola High School, effective August 1, 2015.

Fr. Murray and Mr. Donovan Mr. Donovan will succeed Fr. Michael Murray, S.J., who has occupied the position of President over the last five years.

Mr. Donovan was the Principal of Loyola from 2005 until 2014. Before becoming Principal, he was Vice-Principal of Academics (2003 - 2005) and a faculty member, teaching a number of subjects, including Religion, Philosophy and English. Mr. Donovan, currently on sabbatical, has been at Loyola since 1993.

He is well versed in the foundations and precepts of Jesuit education and Ignatian pedagogy and is thus extremely well prepared to assume his responsibility as the first lay President of Loyola High School.

During his last year as Principal, he was deeply involved, as a member of the Joint Steering Committee, in the development of Loyola High School's Strategic Plan of Action 2015-2020. As President, one of his major responsibilities will be to lead management in preparing the "Implementation Plan" to realize the Strategic Plan's Goals and Objectives.

Mr. Donovan has also been involved in several community activities and most recently served as the Chairman of the Board of the English-Speaking Catholic Council.

Mr. William Hlibchuk, Chairman of Loyola's Board of Governors, issued the following statement: "The Board commends Mr. Donovan for his renewed commitment to fulfilling Loyola's mission. In the spirit of collaboration with the Jesuit founders of the school, we look forward to partnering with him to ensure the future of the school and to further strengthen the Loyola community."

Fr. Michael Murray S.J., commented on Mr. Donovan's appointment: "I would like to thank Mr. Donovan for the careful and discerning way in which he has accepted this new challenge. The Jesuits place their confidence in this experienced, competent and caring man of faith, who knows how to be with and for others."

Mr. Donovan said that he was deeply honoured to have been asked to serve as Loyola's first lay President. He sees his appointment as a challenge, but feels energized by the nature of the school's mission as a Jesuit apostolate. He looks forward to working again with some of the most dedicated and generous people he knows - the faculty and staff of Loyola High School - and with the tremendous talents and enthusiasm of our the Board of Governors. Mr. Donovan added that "... with God's grace and our fidelity to His will, I believe that Loyola will continue to grow in service to our community and to the world. I am privileged to be a part of such a special institution."

Loyola is an English private school, founded and managed by Jesuits. It traces its origins to 1848. Located in Montreal, it is home to 750 boys from Secondary-One to Secondary-Five. Its mission is the formation of mature, responsible Christian adults in accordance with the traditions of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus.