On the evening of Tuesday, November 21, the grand hall of the Mother House of the Congrégation Notre Dame de Montréal hosted a diverse gathering that included young individuals, religious figures, Archbishop Christian Lépine,  Bishop Alain Faubert, Lucien Labelle Foundation Coordinator Ms Chantal Gagnon, Carrefour Inter vocationnel Director Ms François Daoust, and other esteemed guests. The atmosphere was filled with eager anticipation, akin to attending the premiere of a new film, complete with bags of popcorn. The occasion marked the launch of the "’Le bien caché dans la cité " project through the unveiling of its video capsules. 

The project emerged from a formidable challenge: countering the negative portrayal of individuals in consecrated life perpetuated by the media. The aim was to shed light on those who have devoted their lives to serving their neighbors, especially the most vulnerable. Despite their ongoing and historical acts of kindness, these individuals often remain unknown. 

Thus, the concept of creating video clips materialized, designed to introduce particularly young audiences to these "hidden gems" within the city. 

In the face of challenging endeavors, a successful outcome requires an exceptional team. The challenge was met with the financial support of the Lucien Labelle Foundation and the collaboration of Mission Jeunesse Youth Ministry Office , which assembled an outstanding team of seven highly motivated young individuals. Drawing from their interests, a small selection of consecrated individuals, engaged in various forms of service to the city, was chosen. However, it was the young team that crafted the scripts, conducted interviews, and edited the video capsules. 

The launch event showcased the culmination of this concerted effort. The screening of the five video vignettes was interspersed with a dialogue between the members the Mission Jeunesse Service Team and the participating members of consecrated life. This open conversation explored intriguing questions such as the origins of their religious vocation, the art of listening to God's voice in silence, and their feelings during the interview process. 

The evening witnessed a profound intersection between the young people's quest for authenticity and the authentic testimonies of lives dedicated to service. 

In his closing remarks, Archbishop Lépine mentioned "A successful project is a dangerous project, because... it must be continued!" This sentiment encapsulated the spirit of the evening, emphasizing the need for the project to persist and thrive. 

For the time being, the videos will be posted on Mission Jeunesse's YouTube channel  

For the future...we'll see! 


Written by Donatella Fiorani and Sr Jacqueline Tchamgbade 
Office for Consecrated Life - Archdiocese of Montreal