By the grace of God, the Church of Montreal can expect new missions. The Church can also personally support the seminarians, interim deacons, and candidates in their spiritual year with our diocese.

Lord, grant me the gift to serve and pray, to understand and bear.

L’oeuvre des vocations du diocèse de Montréal (OVDM) gives essential, direct, and personal support to the future priests of tomorrow thanks to your prayers and financial backing. On the weekends of the 26th and 27th of January and of the 2nd and 3rd of February (at certain locations at a later date), a special fundraiser will be held in all parishes, parish locations, missions and related places of worship. They will be priests for you and thanks to you! We are ever so grateful for your kindness!

This campaign will take place in all Francophone parishes, non-multicultural parishes and missions, bilingual parishes, and non-unilingual English-speaking worship places. The unilingual English parishes have a special quest on behalf of Pilar’s Trust, where a portion of the proceeds is remitted to the Diocesan Priesthood Guild (DPG). The seminarians in mission at the unilingual English parishes are therefore sponsored by the DPG.

Two different and complementary organizations – to support and accompany the training of future priests

Read the message from our archbishop concerning this financing campaign

Financially sponsoring our future priests

L’Œuvre des vocations du diocèse de Montréal is personally helping three candidates in discernment, eight seminarians, and three interim deacons.

How? Thanks to your donations, we pay the bills covering the costs of food, lodging, training and accompaniment for six among them. We’re giving a grant to the parishes that welcome two apprentice seminarians and three interim deacons. For more details, please see the campaign page via this link. To make a donation, please consult this section.

Financial Campaign Objective: $648, 000

Join the Invisible Monastery and pray for the priests’ works

Many people pray the rosary, participate in times of Eucharistic worship, offer their sicknesses and/or sufferings to priests and future priests. Together they form the Invisible Monastery. To become a member of the Invisible Monastery, call 514-523-3338.

Spiritual Campaign Objective: 408 priants

Presbyterian Calling Sections on official Diocese sites and in Vocational Works

The new ‘ Vocations Journal Mtl ’ (in french) came out in October 2018. It claims to be a tool to discovering:

- what is happening in the Pastoral vocation domain
- proposed Diocesan events and tools offered for parishes
- priests’ testimonies on diverse areas of pastoral vocation
- Potential collaboration with all other types of calling
A section for callings (in English and in French) is also available on the diocesan site.

Answering the call of our seminarians and archbishop

You are cordially invited to come celebrate the Eucharist for the calling of priests in the presence of seminarians, candidates, and Mgr Lépine, archbishop. The celebrations are set to take place on the Fridays of February 8th and April 26th, 2019 at the Grand Seminary of Montreal (2065 Sherbrooke St. West). They will commence at 7:30 PM accordingly.

The celebration of the 8th of February, among other things, will be presented by the communities of St. Kevin and the Filipino mission of our diocese. Bring family and friends!

A sincere thank you !

In the name of all candidates, seminarians and deacons aiming to be priests, as well as the seven administrative council members - Thank you !

Thank you to all the priests and members of community parishes and missions,
Thank you to all the couples and families,
Thank you to all members of devoted life,
Thank you to all deacons and,Thank you to all others who accept to bear witness - by means of fervent prayer and generous donations - to their support of future diocesan priests.

Father Sylvain Cloutier, Director
Vocational Works of the Diocese of Montreal