Statements on Global Climate Action Day (September 27, 2019) and on the Canadian federal elections (October 21, 2019).


The Canadian federal elections being just a few weeks away, and in preparation for Global Climate Action Day, the Conseil Église et Société (Council on Church and Society) adds its voice, on behalf of the Québec Assembly of Catholic Bishops, to the many who are calling for effective action to be taken to care for our Common Home. It invites all candidates and elected officials to place this issue at the heart of their priorities. 
The Council wishes to highlight the striking mobilizations of vast swaths of civil society, especially young people, who advocate with determination for concrete actions to be carried out without delay for the sake of preserving the ecosystems that have been entrusted to our care. 
During this election campaign, the Council invites all Christians to pay careful attention to things said to them by the candidates, and to assess programs in light of the ideals of the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church. It proposes that our analyses and our prayers alike be focused on the hopeful image of a reconciled Common Home in which we can dwell together in a peaceful and brotherly way. 

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