Archbishop Christian Lépine is the honorary chair for Hema-Quebec's Good Friday Blood Drive at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral. Come by and give some blood!

Those who wish to donate blood on the occasion of Good Friday, March 30, are invited to come to Mary Queen of the World Cathedral (1110, rue Mansfield, Bonaventure Metro), between 10 am to 6 pm. Please bring an ID card with you. Most Reverend Lépine will be present at different times during the day.

Donating blood is a gesture of solidarity and profound generosity in support of those facing illness. As no substitute for human blood exists, even despite scientific progress, maintaining the province's collective blood supply at an optimal level depends entirely on the public's goodwill. 

Taking an hour of your time to give blood makes all the difference for the 80,000 or so patients who receive blood products each year.

To give blood is to give life!