Today, His Holiness Pope Francis appointed the Most Reverend Martin Laliberté, P.M.É., as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Trois-Rivières.


At the time of his appointment, Bishop Laliberté was serving as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Québec. Bishop Laliberté will assume the pastoral governance of the Diocese currently under the care of the Most Rev. Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, O.M.I., Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Trois-Rivières, who has been servingas its Diocesan Administrator since January 2021, following the resignation of Bishop Luc Bouchard.

Bishop Laliberté was born in Charlesbourg, Québec on 13 December 1964. He obtained a Bachelor of Theology and a diploma in Education from the University of Laval in 1987. He worked as a lay missionary for two years in Haiti prior to joining the Société des Missions Étrangères du Québec (Québec Foreign Mission Society) in 1990 as a youth missionary animator for the province of Québec. He then pursued additional studies and obtained a Master’s degree in Missiology from the University of Saint Paul. He was ordained to the priesthood on 28 October 1995 and, from 1996 until 2004, his pastoral ministry focused on missionary work in the Amazon region of Brazil. Upon his return to Canada in 2004, he  served as Director of the Centre international de formation missionnaire (CIFM) of the Société des Missions Étrangères. In 2008, he became a member of the Central Council of the SMÉ as Vicar General. He was first elected Superior General in 2013 and was re-elected for a second mandate in 2018.

The Diocese of Trois-Rivières has 14 parishes served by 58 diocesan priests and 31 permanent deacons.