Thousands of trees were broken by the ice storm and wind on April 5, and, despite our work to repair the damages and clean the site, many of the cemetery's 33 kilometers of roads are still blocked by trees and branches that present a significant danger to visitors. In addition, several branches, broken by the ice, threaten to fall at any time, posing additional risks to visitors.

We are truly saddened by this situation.

We have invited, via the conciliator, the union representing our operating employees to accept a truce in their strike to make the site safe to allow the families of the deceased to return. Unfortunately, our proposal was declined by the union.

Given the exceptional damage caused by this ice storm, we continue to invite our union partners to help us to reopen the cemetery for the families of the deceased as soon as possible.

We continue to welcome bereaved families by appointment for cremation and crypt burial services, but casket burials in the ground are postponed.

We will announce the reopening of the cemetery as soon as the site is secure.


Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery

For information:
Daniel Granger
T. 514 840-7990